If you have a small bathroom, it can feel like you’re living in a tiny box. But there are ways to make your space look bigger and more inviting. If your space is too small to fit more than one person comfortably, here are some tips on how to make it look roomier:

Make sure the flooring is right.

The flooring in your bathroom is an important part of making it look bigger. Choose a light-colored flooring that will reflect the light and make your room feel larger. Tile, wood or vinyl are all good choices for small bathrooms. If you’re going with tile or other patterned surfaces, try to use a darker color scheme so as not to make the space feel smaller than it already is. Carpeting should be avoided at all costs in any room where water may leak onto it–but especially in bathrooms!

Choose the right paint color.

If you want to make your bathroom look bigger, then choose the right paint color. Choose a light color for the walls and avoid dark colors such as black or navy blue. If possible, pick a neutral color that will blend with any other room in your home (if it’s not too dark).

When choosing colors for small spaces like bathrooms, be sure that your choice isn’t too bright or dull. You may also want to consider using white because it opens up rooms and makes them seem larger than they actually are.

Get rid of any unnecessary items.

The first thing you should do is get rid of any unnecessary items. If you don’t use it, get rid of it! Remove all items from the bathroom that are not necessary. Don’t keep old towels or extra soap bars lying around if you don’t use them regularly. If there’s room for only one or two towels on your rack (and if your family has only one or two people), put those towels somewhere else in the house until they’re needed again–then bring them back into rotation when they’re needed next time.

The same goes for toiletries: if you aren’t using them often enough to justify having them out in plain sight every day, store them elsewhere until their next use instead of keeping everything on display at all times–it’ll make a huge difference!

Finally: clear off any surfaces that could be freed up by getting rid of clutter and reorganizing things into more efficient storage solutions (see below).

Use mirrors strategically.

Mirrors are another great way to make a small bathroom look bigger. Let a Sioux Falls Customer Home Builder help you use mirrors strategically, and they can help you create an illusion that makes your space appear larger than it actually is. For example:

If there’s only one mirror in your bathroom, place it along an outside wall so that it reflects light into the room and makes it appear brighter overall. This will also make the room feel more spacious because of how much natural light comes through the window!
Place a large mirror behind the sink area so that when someone looks at themselves in this mirror while washing their hands or brushing their teeth (or whatever), there’s no glare on their face from overhead lights or ceiling fixtures–they’ll see themselves looking back at them in clear focus instead of having shadows cast over half their face from overhead lights. This creates good lighting conditions for grooming tasks such as shaving/waxing etc., which helps keep things neat & tidy around here 🙂

Get creative with your lighting.

Sometimes, all you need to do is change your lighting. This is especially true if you’re working with an older bathroom that doesn’t have many windows or natural light. It’s easy to get creative with your lighting options, too.

Use dimmer switches for the lights in your bathroom so that you can control how bright or dark it looks at any given time.
Swap out those old incandescent bulbs for LED ones instead; they use less energy and last longer than their predecessors (up to 25 years). They also emit fewer toxins into the air when they burn out, which is important if you have kids who like playing in the bathtub!

Track lighting provides great illumination without taking up much space on its own. You might even consider adding some track lights under cabinets or along walls where light will fall naturally while still allowing them plenty of room underneath them as well.. This type of fixture also makes it easier than ever before because these days there are tons available online so there won’t be any shortage when looking around town either!

Switch your showerhead for a rainfall head.

Switching to a rainfall head is an easy way to make your bathroom look bigger. A traditional showerhead has multiple streams of water coming out of it, which can be very overwhelming in small spaces. The solution? Buy a rainfall head! Rainfall heads are often made from metal or plastic, and they look like little raindrops falling down from the ceiling onto you as you wash up or take your morning bath.

The installation process for these kinds of faucets is pretty simple: just remove your old fixture, screw in the new one (or hook it up with hoses if necessary), and voila! You now have more room in your bathroom because there aren’t any bulky pipes sticking out everywhere anymore! Not only will this change help make things look less cluttered; but it also means that cleaning around those fixtures won’t be nearly as difficult either since everything will be hidden away behind cabinets or walls instead.”
You can make your bathroom look bigger by using these tips!

You can make your bathroom look bigger by using these tips from Sioux Falls Home Remodeling!

  • Keep the space clutter free.
  • Use light colors on the walls and flooring. Light colors give the room a spacious feel and make it appear larger than what it really is.
  • Use mirrors to reflect natural light into the space, which will help brighten up dark corners in your bathroom and make them look more spacious than they actually are.


If you follow these tips and get creative with your bathroom, you can make it look bigger and more inviting. It may take some time to do all these things, but in the end it will be worth it!