The way we live is changing, and the demand for smart home technology is growing. Home builders as well as tech companies are embracing these wants and needs. We look for new ways to incorporate technology into the Sioux Falls custom homes we build, and for the latest home tech trends.

Here are some of the ways we can incorporate technology into your new home to make life easier!

Home Automation

You’ve heard about home automation and may be wondering what it is all about. Home automation is the use of one or more devices to control basic home functions and features. Home automation can improve security, make tasks easier and more.

A well designed home automation system hosts several components that make the whole system work together. It involves at least one programmed computer, devices or systems that are controlled by that computer, wireless links or interconnecting cables, high-speed Internet, and an emergency power back up unit.

Home automation really is at the center of making your house a ‘smart home’. A lot of new technology trends for the home rely on home automation to work. Home automation can allow you to control your home from an iPad or phone:

Control Your Lighting

A very common smart home feature is advanced lighting. Using an app, you can turn every light in a room on with just the touch of a button. The same app will let you dim your lights or adjust them so you have comfortable lighting all around!

Your lights can be preprogrammed to change based on the time of day, or the season. They can also be controlled remotely. Let’s say you’re about to board a plane, and you’re worried that you left the lights in the kitchen on. With home automation, you can jump on your smart phone, and flip the lights off, even from miles away.

By using home automation, you can set lights to turn off when a room is empty, or at a certain time of day. This kind of control is a huge help when it comes to conserving energy and cutting your utility costs.

Keep the Temperature

In addition to controlling your lighting, home automation allows you to control your thermostat. Having constant access and control over the temperature of your home is not only great for comfort, it helps reduce your utility costs.

Entertain On a New Level

Technology is supposed to be fun, and smart home technology is no different! If entertaining is important to you in your new home, you may want a fully decked out theater system.

A home automation system can tie all your different entertainment systems together. From your TV, to your gaming systems, to your blu ray players.

But don’t worry, you won’t be drowning in remote controls for all these devices. The automation system lets you control your home theater system from one device. You’ll be able to change channels and control volume, and switch between devices, all from a tablet or phone.

Enjoy Whole House Audio

Are you a music lover? If so, we can incorporate speakers in all the important rooms of your new home. You’ll be able to control the audio in all those rooms from one device. So you can have music on full blast in the kitchen while you’re making dinner, off in the baby’s room while he’s sleeping, and on the quiet side in the office for some background noise.

Feel Secure, Always

We want you to feel safe in your new home. Technology now lets us install security cameras surrounding your home, and send the feeds to a single device. You’ll be able to check all your cameras from anywhere in the world, so you have complete visibility all the time.

Incorporating these smart features in your new home is easy when you work with our Sioux Falls custom home builder experts. Our team will get you set up with the technologies that are most important to you, and show you how to control everything.

And, as time progresses, more options will be available for your smart home. Having a home automation system in place means you’ll be able to use all the latest tech trends in your home.

Our Sioux Falls custom home builder is ready to build your new smart home!

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